18th April 1916

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18th April 1916

Arthur (and his horse Ben!) has been sent on a ten-day course to Rebreuviette, near Brigade HQ; he is worried that the mail will not reach him promptly; the Company meanwhile have been sent on a route march in the windy and wet weather; fellow officer Ainsworth has returned from leave and saw brother Alfred [Agius] at Salisbury recently.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets. France, Tues. even. 9pm

… To-day I came down to R- near Brigade HQ. It’s only about a mile & a bit from the Battalion. I am here for a course that will last about 10 days – until Saturday week I think. So that I have not yet seen today’s mails. I hope there is a letter there for me.

The tempestuous weather still continues. The wind is very fierce & the rain intense. This morning the Battalion went for a route march. I didn’t go but stayed in to put my things together. Sonny Ainsworth came in during the morning, back from leave. He said that he hadn’t had a very good time; he had been to Salisbury and seen Alfred & Rochford. We expect the CO back in a day or two.

I came down here after lunch with about 20 men: I brought Ben down with me. I am in a billet with Henri. Very comfortable for the people are good-hearted & cannot do enough for us. Apart from that things are a bit dull; there are 5 or 6 in the Mess all junior subalterns, except one lieutenant who is in charge of the school.

I’m afraid the post will leave at a different time. I will try & catch it to-morrow, & after that I can arrange things regularly.

I am all eagerness, dear, to get your news & to hear how you’re getting on in everything – that’s comprehensive, but I can never hear or see anything like as much of you as I want.

I’m afraid I’ve very little news to-night, darling mine. Remember me to your Mater! I hope that it won’t be long before she’s running about again.