22nd April 1916

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22nd April 1916: Holy Saturday

Arthur is away from his usual Company – on a course; the weather is depressingly wet and cold; the time is dragging a little since he has no Company business to occupy him; he will have to ride over to Canettemont tomorrow, for Easter Sunday Mass, as the church next door holds its Communion service far too early in the day.

Arthur to Dollie

France, Holy Saturday 4pm

…Brr., darling – pouring hard all day & no mail in yet! So I’m still looking forward to your dear news. Last night after tea we played bridge for a bit. After dinner we went to bed at once & snuggled into our blankets.

This morning we were up for parade as usual. It wasn’t very pleasant, for the rain has been continuous – not much more than a steady drizzle – but very steady & persistent. After parade I read & painted a bit – till lunch time. After lunch we’ve been playing bridge again. The weather does not tempt one to go out more than one can help – & down here, where I am free of my Company affairs, I have but little clerical work to do.

This evening, dear, I am going to Confession – the Church is next door. To-morrow the times are a bit awkward for Communion. At the Church here, Mass is at 6.15am so that I shall have to ride over to Canettemont where the Battalion are for 8 o’clock.

I had a note down from Lloyd to say that the CO is back, looking very fit. That, little one, is all, I think, in the way of news…