30th April 1916

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30th April 1916

Arthur is back with the regiment after finishing his recent course; Dollie’s birthday cake has gone down a treat in the Mess; brother Joe has written and also Arthur has had a much-anticipated letter from the Pater – with important news for their immediate marriage prospects – the Pater anticipates that they will be able to marry within 6 months, if his business plans are successful.

Arthur to Dollie:

France, Sun: even. 9.15pm

I hardly know where I am: for I meant to answer you dear letters in full: & lo, I’ve been busy all day & in addition I’ve a parcel to thank you for with a wonderful cake that won the admiration of all the Mess. Then a very welcome parcel came from your dear Mater. I’ve also had a note from Joe & a letter from the Pater. To pile Ossa on Pelion, your darling letters of Friday & Thursday arrived. To crown all I’m so wonderfully happy that I scarcely know what I’m doing. D.G. I was able to get to Mass & Communion this morning. Save for a shower this morning, it has been another glorious day. Oh, darling mine, I’m so happy – the time cannot pass quickly enough. I’m all impatience to call you my wife. God bless you.

The Pater was very frank & told me about all his business affairs. I’ll send you on his letter, dear, as soon as I have answered it. He says, however, that he feels he will be able to help us in the 6 months. Darling mine, I hope the time flies.

Well, little one, you must forgive me a short letter again to-night: I’m awful tired, dear, & still have a lot to do…