12th May 1916

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12th May 1916

Another long night for Arthur, supervising the Company as they improve the old trenches; he is looking forward to leave, which should be granted in just a few weeks time, but after another spell in the front line; he sympathises with Dollie about some impending dental treatment; meanwhile he savours the peace of the evening air and looks forward with hope to their lives together.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, Friday even: 5.40

Your dear letter of Tuesday came to-day, thanks awfully for it, little one … I am longing for leave. I asked Johnnie about it today. Four went this morning but he doesn’t think that another lot will go until we have been up & out again, i.e. towards the end of next week. So that I should think somewhere about the end of the month or the first week of next should see the happy day.

We were out last night on night training from a quarter to eight until just on ten. Up again at 6 this morning: parades at 7 till 7.45, 8.45 till 12. We parade again in half-an hours time for a working party that will keep us out all night plus a 6-7 mile march. You see dear, they are working us pretty hard.

Tell me if you went to Barclay, dear. The thought of a dentist – brrrr… I am feeling pretty fit DG rather sleepy. I should love a free day to wipe up some of the arrears of my correspondence.

I wonder what you’re doing now, dear one. Do you ever wander round the garden at this hour. I love the evenings – one looks towards the sunset & over there, not so many miles way, you are. There is a ripping feeling of peace that not even the Hun guns can shatter … Please God, we are going to spend many happy days together in the future.