15th June 1916

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15th June 1916

A short letter from Arthur today as he and his men have been hard at work again, preparing the trenches for occupation; tomorrow they face more of the same – with a nine mile march to new billets at the end of a long day’s work; Arthur touches on the subject of religion with Dollie, all in preparation for their forthcoming marriage.

Arthur to Dollie:

Billets, Thurs. even. 9.10pm

…I’m so happy to-day, for two dear letters came, Sunday’s & Monday’s… I love to hear from you. I think you’re perfectly wonderful about this question of religion. I understand all that you must feel, little one, & think the effort superb …

I am feeling pretty tired again to-night, for I was up at 6 this morning – the clock had been put on an hour & so we lost an hour’s sleep. We were out on a working party 3 ½ miles away at 7 & didn’t get back till 4.30. To-morrow we’re on the same job: with this difference that instead of coming back here, we have a 9-mile march further back. So it’s going to be a long & stiff day. I shall turn in soon.

The weather D.G. was finer a little to-day (but not much) there is a very cold wind blowing. I think that is all the news, dear. I’ll do my best to get a letter off to-morrow even if it is only a few lines…