17th June 1916

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17th June 1916

Arthur has just heard that he (and some fellow officers) have been mentioned in despatches; the tooth ache seems to be bothering Arthur a little less today; a view of some dummy trenches and more work on map preparation; news of brother Dickie – he is finally on home soil, after leaving for Malta in December 1914, though it isn’t clear yet if he is with the 2/3rds in Ipswich or at home in Hampstead.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, Satur. even: 9.5pm

… I was awfully pleased to-day, for I had two letters from you, dear, Tuesdays & Wednesdays. You are a dear, your letters comfort & help me so much. I’m feeling rather sleepy to-night & rather bucked for in the last list of “Mentions in Despatches” in yesterday’s paper were the CO, Sammy, Beresford, Johnnie Sutcliffe and me. The CO congratulated me very sweetly & said that no-one deserved it more than I. It is for last September’s show apparently. I am pleased for I feel it is all for you; & I like to think that all I do is for you sweetheart mine.

To-day has been very fine & my tooth has hardly hurt me at all. I took some phenocetin when I got into bed last night & slept awfully well. This morning I was up soon after 8, breakfast at 9. The CO saw all officers at a quarter past. After that we went out to see some dummy trenches – came in for lunch & then went out again. Tea at 5; dinner at 7. I’ve been pretty busy in the interval on my maps. So the day has gone quickly.

I’m awfully glad to hear Dick has got home at last. Is he home with the 2 / 3 at Ipswich or is it just leave? Our movements are not very certain, but I think it pretty certain dear that we’ll keep to this part of the country.

I hav’n’t quite made up my mind about L., little dear. I think though that he’ll turn out a good chap. I’m afraid D’s nerve has gone: he’s been trying to fight against it. I don’t think it’s his fault. My pen is running dry – awful thought – so I’ll give up…