8th July 1916

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8th July 1916

Arthur is still waiting in the lines to move off to Army School; news of Dollie’s brother Evie; meanwhile the battalion has left the front line but will probably be up again in 4 days; the guns are still active to the south and the trenches are waist deep in mud and water.

Arthur to Dollie

Saturday even: 10.5pm

…you mustn’t worry any more. I’d have given anything that you’d had no news of the show until it was over & you knew DG that I was through all right. Anyway, darling, you now will know that I’m safe & sound. To-morrow I leave here for the Army School.

Jove dear, Evie is lucky – he hasn’t been in the trenches yet. For while we were up he was at the School. Remember me to him – tell him to buck up. The casualties in his Company for the day were about 53, I think. I’m sorry you’ve decided not to go away, dear. I think the change of air would have done you good. Let’s hope that its only a postponement for a short time, & that when Evie convalesces & is able to get away, & when you know I’m safe for a good month, you’ll take the opportunity of no worries to go down to Seaford…

To-day the weather has been much finer, so this morning after breakfast, Davis & I rode into S-e and drew some cash from the Field Cashier. He (that’s Davis) then came back, but I rode round by rather a longer way. It was a ripping morning & I felt in a mood for solitude. I just wanted to be alone with my thoughts of you …

This afternoon, besides your dear letter of Wednesday I had a letter of congratulations from Barbara for my “mention”. Very affable! I’ll send it on as soon as I’ve answered it. Garrard came down about tea-time. He is going to the school too; it is rather pleasant to have a companion. We leave here at half-past six to-morrow morning. Lets hope it’s fine!

The guns are still going hard to the southwards. The battalion came out to-day but will probably be up again in four days time. The trenches are waist deep in mud & water as a result of the recent rain.