29th July 1916

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29th July 1916

It’s Saturday – but no rest for Arthur. He works until the evening and has a mountain of letters to write to the family – both Agius and Noel. He still has his account of the action at Gommecourt to finish too. Tomorrow is Sunday and after Mass Arthur has hopes of finding a quiet place in the countryside nearby, so he can enjoy re-reading Dollie’s recent letters and pen a suitable reply.

Arthur to Dollie

Satur. 7.10pm

Although it’s Saturday, I’ve been busy all the afternoon & have only just knocked off: I have still some more to do, but the time is passing. I had your Wedn. letter to-day: thanks awfully for it, little one. I’m going to keep your letters till to-morrow: I want to read them over again out in the country somewhere, & have you to myself.

To-day, dear, has been fiercely fine & hot. This morning we had a lecture on Gas, followed by a demonstration. Ever since lunch I’ve been up here in my room at work. I shall go round to Mess at 8; & after Mess take things a bit easy. To-morrow I go to Church & I want to write a lot of letters – one to your Mater, dear – she wrote to me from Eastbourne to-day; then to Dick & my Mater & Auguste & Barbara. There are all the girls in Malta too. Then I must finish this job of work, & round up the story of the 1st. There’s a long programme isn’t it little one – & I feel so slack!

What are you doing now, I wonder, dear – back in 45 [Compayne Gardens]. Are the servants back with you? I wish I was. God bless you, darling of my heart; take all care of yourself …