6th August 1916

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6th August 1916

A short note from Arthur on the way back to his regular Company, after finishing a five week course at the Army School; he is currently with the Transport, catching up on what his fellow officers have been doing in his absence.

Arthur to Dollie

In the QM Stores, Sunday. 8pm

… I have your dear letter of Wednesday; for which a thousand thanks. It arrived yesterday before I left. I was so pleased to get it, darling.

I’d better get my news off, little one. As you see, I am back with the transport. Davis is at Havre, doing a course in transport; he has been away 2 or 3 weeks & is due back in a few days time. Lloyd is going to the Army School. Maunsell – I don’t know whether you know him, dear, is joining the RFC.

There was a wonderful sight to-night – about twenty six of our ‘planes flew over presumably bound on a raid. They made an awfully pretty sight in the sun.