9th August 1916

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9th August 1916

A short note today – Arthur has been very busy all day, and it has been hot – but he can’t let the day end without writing a few lines of endearment to Dollie; her brother Edouard’s ankle is improving and Bobbie Page is now learning with “C” Company.

Arthur to Dollie

8.45 pm., Wedn.

Please forgive a short note: I’m most awfully busy … It has been another scorcher to-day. The mail was very disappointing – there was no letter, but I oughtn’t to grumble I had more than my share yesterday.

Everyone is fit D.G. Edouard’s ankle seems to improve. Bobbie Page is now with “C” Coy learning Company work.

…I wonder what you’re doing, darling – probably, most prosaically (!) having dinner…God bless you, dear. I think of you always – you are my inspiration, my breath of life…