14th August 1916

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14th August 1916

Arthur is happy as two more letters have arrived from Dollie; her Mother has presented her with a ring – which indicates her generosity of spirit. Arthur is now out of the front line and back in reserve – but there has been no let up in the work required of him and his Company. 

Arthur to Dollie

Mon. 3pm

Early this morning two dear letters came. I was so happy to get them … it is generous of your Mater to give you that ring. She is an old dear, & sometimes, like a volcano, it comes out with a rush & one can see all that is hidden within.

Yesterday we were relieved and are now in reserve some little way back. We live in dug-outs but they are quite comfortable and we have valises up. Rochford & C Coy are here too. H.Q. and the other two Coys are further back still … Reliefs seemed to take an awful while yesterday: and we weren’t in till between 8 and 9. This morning I had to send out practically all the Coy on working parties. I’ve been pretty busy all day: lots of things want re-organising & setting up now that we are out of the front line.

The arrangements for mails aren’t clear yet – as they stand they are collected here at 4 i.e. in about 20 minutes time. I’ve wired to HQ to find out whether this hasn’t been altered but I’ve had no reply. So I shall keep your dear letters and answer them this evening or to-morrow morning.

… Here are Johnnie & Edouard. Forgive me, dear, more work. I’ll end in a hurry – for I don’t want to miss the post.