30th August 1916

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30th August 1916

A miserable sort of day for Arthur: no mail from Dollie, soaking wet after a day’s training, and the final blow – eviction from their school house Mess when the Schoolmaster’s family turn up without warning (during lunch!)

Arthur to Dollie

Wednes. 9.30pm

I was rather disappointed to-day, for there was a miserable little mail: only about a dozen letters for the whole company. It has simply poured all day. I asked Sammy if he didn’t think it better to wait before starting, he agreed but we had only waited half-an-hour when we got the order to go out. We weren’t in till half-past two. So, as you may imagine, dear, we were very wet.

Anyway we got back at last & changed & had started a late lunch when another blow befell us. We had our mess in the school house: the teacher, I think, is mobilised; his wife & child on holiday. Suddenly the door opened & in came the lady in question with the child. With the result that we had to go. However we’ve found another room.