15th November 1916

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15th November 1916

Leaving the front line and settling the men back in their old billets took almost a day so Arthur apologises for not having written yesterday. Meanwhile a wonderful food parcel has arrived from Dollie, and some much needed winter clothing from No3. News of Dollie’s brother Edouard – he now has a job settling claims for damages to crops – a soft job in Arthur’s estimation!

Arthur to Dollie

12.30pm Wed.

I am awfully sorry that I was unable to get a letter off for the mail yesterday. We were relieved & came out to reserve: an operation which took nearly all day. I’ve heaps to thank you for – your dear letter of Friday – and a parcel. The OXO is tophole – just what I wanted. Thanks awfully, you dear. The cake was very much appreciated & utterly devoured at one fell swoop at tea yesterday. You are a thoughtful generous soul. God bless you.

As for our news here. Maitland is away on a COs conference for a few days – but will be back on Saturday I think. Edouard has another soft job!! Claims officer to the Corps. He lives right back now & his job is to settle claims for damages to crops. So what the Brigadier foreshadowed has come to pass. McCartney – our Doc has gone off on a fortnights leave and Dick who was our MO last year has come back to us again. Brown the Quartermaster has gone on leave.

I am writing now, darling, as at 1 we are having lunch. At a quarter to two I am riding over with Minshull to get cash for the Battalion & this evening I am going over to the Brigade to dine. So that I shall not have much time to myself.

We were relieved yesterday & came out without any casualty & are out in our old spot. The weather D.G. is very fine. Last night it grew very cold & to-day it s quite bitter with a wind from the NE. Luckily the parcel with my thick things in arrived from No3 & I’ve put them on to-day. They are a great success – especially the things I bought from Jaeger.

I miss you more & more dear wife of mine, especially now that we are out again. The memory of the happy days we spent last leave are a treasure of comfort…. Wednesday was the day we came back from Eastbourne. Do you remember we arrived at Victoria about 1 o’clock: & they all said married life agreed with us…Well, little one, lunch is just up & I must say au revoir. Take all care of yourself. God bless you. Remember me to the dear old Mater…