20th November 1916

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20th November 1916

Arthur’s day is filled with tedious Company business, but he finds time to write a short letter – mainly filled with recollections of the week before their wedding – and their thoughts and feelings at that time.

Arthur to Dollie

Mon. aft. 4pm.

…I am looking forward to news this evening when the mail comes in. I am just longing to hear from you. There is not a heap of news from here. I am pretty busy, but on nothing of overwhelming importance. Thank Heaven, I scarcely feel my cold at all now. I do hope that you, dear, are fit: God bless you. Take all care of yourself.

I wonder what you’re doing now, darling: & if you’re at 45 having tea…. Do you remember the date just a calendar month ago? The day of the four wheeler & the bedroom slipper hunt. How soon it grew dark that afternoon. How I looked forward to the next day: but the anticipation, though so eager and intense was as nothing compared to the joy & the wonder of the realisation. I find it so hard to write…

I must go, dear: I’ve heaps to do; but I just couldn’t bear to let the day go without talking to you … Remember me to the Mater…