7th December 1916

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7th December 1916

Arthur now admits to Dollie that they are back in the trenches and most of his spare time is taken up with instructing a group of Cadets. Dollie’s brother Edouard has been busy bodying about her finances, but got short change from their mother. Alfred visits Arthur at the front and brother Joe has also written from home. It seems youngest brother Dickie (referred to here as “Cock”) has taken Dollie to the theatre, which causes Arthur to remark: “Very decent of young Cock. I’m afraid he’s developing an “eye for the girls”. Anyway he knows what’s good!”

Arthur to Dollie

Thurs. even. 4.20pm

… I am most awfully sorry that I couldn’t write a long letter last night: these four Cadets arrived about 3 and were asking questions till after rations were up. The Quartermaster Serj. who comes up with rations, takes the mail back. I hoped that with luck I might catch the mail this morning, but there was no chance.

Thanks awfully, dear, for your letter of Sunday & the photo… I cannot imagine what is the matter with the inward mail, dear – that you have not heard from me for 4 days. Your letters, God bless you, are regular. There has only been one day without a mail for some little time now…

It amused me to hear that Edouard [Noel] was curious about our finances, dear. He seems to have got very small change out of the Mater…

What did you think of “Daddy Long Legs”. I read the book some time ago – & should imagine the play “goes better” than the book did. It is rather a typical American romance. Very decent of young Cock. I’m afraid he’s developing an “eye for the girls”. Anyway he knows what’s good!

The weather is very cold and damp and misty. We are “up” as I expect you’ve guessed hav’n’t you, dear one. But by the time this reaches you we shall be “out” DV.

Alfred [Agius]came up last night. I was pleased to see him. He is looking very much “in the pink”.   Joe [Agius] wrote last night. I will send his letter on dear…