10th December 1916 – Dollie to Arthur

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This is a rare example of a letter from Dollie to Arthur – preserved , we think , because it includes news of a new niece , Marie Agius, born this morning.  Most of the Dollie to Arthur letters have been lost , possibly destroyed by Arthur when his beloved Dollie died in 1972.



10th December 1916

Dollie writes to tell Arthur that he now has a new niece – Marie Agius born this morning – a daughter for Joe and Maggie (nee Samut).

Dollie to Arthur

45 Compayne Gdns, 3.31.pm

I am writing earlier today than I generally do on Sundays, but John & Jessie are coming along & will quite probably stay to supper, so I thought it was better. I got your dear note of Wednesday, last night. I quite understood a short one as you were busy. I haven’t received your on Tuesday yet, it will probably come in the morning.

Let me tell you the great news first. Maggie has a little daughter, born this morning. Tophole news, isn’t it? I am so pleased it is over, that it is a girl. I haven’t any particulars, except that both are quite well, & the baby a beauty. I think she must have had quite a good time, as she was round at No3 last night & was quite alright then. She is a lucky girl & no mistake. It must be just lovely to have a little baby of your very own, I do love them so.

I am hoping you came out of the line last night & are back for 12 days. I wonder where you will be perhaps at La Gorgue, tell me. What did they spring four Cadet officers at you for? Surely you have enough to do…

I went along to Sandes yesterday afternoon, he appeared very pleased to see me & was most grateful for my going. He was all alone, but was feeling very fit & said the operation appeared to have been a great success. [He] asked very kindly after you, & sent you his love, & likes you awfully & wishes you could get a job at home, so that we could be together. I took him some flowers, as I really didn’t know what sort of books to take him, he was very pleased. His people aren’t on the phone so I impressed upon him that if he wanted anything he was to be sure to ring up to me, he promised he would. He asked me when I would go to see him again, so I have arranged to go on Tuesday afternoon, unless he rings up to say he has been sent home. It’s a most lovely home, & every comfort possible, he is awfully lucky to have got in there. I do hope his arm will be quite alright after this. I rang up this morning & they said he was going on splendidly…

Goodbye darling, God bless you & keep you safe & well. Try to write to Joe or Maggie as soon as possible…