12th December 1916

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12th December 1916

A short note from an exhausted Arthur – who has been at HQ most of the afternoon and evening. The old CO “Sammy” is due to return tonight, but Arthur fears there may be trouble ahead, as the Divisional Commander prefers the more efficient Maitland in command.

Arthur to Dollie

Tues. night 10.10pm

I’m afraid this can only be just a short note, dear, to tell you that I’m fit & well & to thank you for your dear letter of Saturday…God bless you.

I’m simply awfully tired & sleepy. I’ve been out of the Mess at HQ since just after two. Alfred is very fit DG. We’ve just had a wire that Sammy is arriving to-night! Goodness only knows what will happen now; for Maitland is such an efficient CO that I do not think Hull, the Divisional Commander, will let him go. However it is all in the future.

I am awfully sorry to hear that the dentist couldn’t fix you up for good, darling. I just hate to think of you in pain. I only wish I could bear it all for you…