8th November 1918

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8th November 1918: Adela is now back at work at India House. To her horror she discovers her work is mainly in French. Adela misses Edgar terribly and debates how to fill her hours with work until he comes home again. Her married sister, Winifrede, is currently staying at Adela’s house (Broadgate in Devon), and Adela wants to lay a few ground rules about sharing running costs!

3 Belsize Grove, NW3
Friday evening
8th November 1918

My own darling,

I arrived home at 6.30 and we have just finished dinner. The hours are rather long I think. If I want the half day on Saturday I shall have to work from 9 to 6.

When I started work this morning after I had written you a note, I found the work was in French. Well! Of course I nearly died on the spot, but I couldn’t keep laughing. However I plodded through. I expect I shall get cursed tomorrow. There are two men and a girl in my room, a lovely large room & quite warm. We had lunch at a dirty little bun shop but they gave us a good feed.

Winifrede wants to stay at Broadgate … she must pay for my coal & things I have there. What do you say?

It’s terrible being without you Edgar darling. I do hope you’ll be home again soon. A day seems a year away from you & when you’re here its like a second. I’m trying to work out how I shall fill my hours in. I think in the very cold weather I shall work all day on Saturdays & get up later every day. I hate getting up early in the winter, don’t you? You do in any weather, don’t you?

Good night now darling …


Edgar at Broadgate…