10th November 1918

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10th November 1918: A Sunday off work for Adela. She goes with the Agius family to Mass at the Spanish Church. Everyone is so kind to her, including the Mater and Joe – who does the gallant thing and escorts her home most evenings. Alfred Agius is home, having trouble with his throat wound. An unexpected sighting at the Grove of Maggie Agius’s father – Col Achilles Samut – still in London following his rescue from a torpedo sinking in the Bay of Biscay in September.

Sunday 10th November 1918

[Howitt Road]

… I have just come back from No3 & am just on the point of getting into bed, & am sitting on the floor in front of the fire writing this.

Alfred [Agius] was there. He has a bad throat, his old wound is festering a little. I went with Daisy & Pater & Miss Robinson to the Spanish Church this morning. The Ambassador was there & thousands of soldiers etc etc. It really was lovely.

I’m very comfy here. The Mater is so good to me, in fact you all are. Joe [Agius] really kills me, he’s so funny he gets better every day. He brings me over nearly every night. The one thing I don’t like is going over and no Edgar. Every room I can see where you used to sit. I never sit on the couch if I can help it, where we used to sit.

A crowd of people came this afternoon, including Maggie’s Father [Col. Achilles Samut]. Somebody pinched his coat at the hotel.

Goodnight darling, I hope to have you home again very soon now…