13th November 1918

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13th November 1918.    Adela to Edgar (Agius)

Adela was sent home yesterday from work by her boss, who noticed she was less than well. On her way back to Howitt Road she called in at the Grove and had tea with the Mater, who was all alone. Today people are still celebrating wildly in the West End – two days after the Armistice is declared. [Adela has the beginnings of flu – thankfully not the Spanish Flu – which was responsible for killing more people across the globe than the Great War.]

58 Howitt Road
Wednesday night, 13th November 1918

… I’m writing to you as usual in bed. I was going to over to No3 tonight but feel too tired & I’ve got a pain & am jolly glad to get to bed. Old Shudd sent me home yesterday. He said I wasn’t looking well, jolly decent of him wasn’t it? So I came home & had tea with the Mater who was all alone.

Everybody is as mad as usual in the West End. Everybody kissing each other. I didn’t see anybody decent or I might have joined in !!!! I can hear you saying “Adela”!!!!

… I haven’t had a letter today. I hope I shall in the morning. I get paid on Friday! Think of me going to get it!!!

This is a rotten letter but I’m very tired, so please excuse – goodnight darling …