14th November 1918

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14th November, 1918: Back at work, Adela takes advantage of her bosses absence to warm herself by his office fire; she fears she has the flu now. [The post from France must be very regular if she fears Edgar telling his family first!]

Room 1, Ground Floor
India House

Thursday 14th November, 1918

… I was pleased to hear from you this morning. Captain Hargraves and old Shudd are both away. Too much drink I think & so Coonie and I are in Shudd’s room in front of the fire. There’s nothing like cheek is there?

I’ll tell you a secret. Don’t mention it in your letters home, but I’m in for flu as sure as eggs are eggs. My throat & eyes & head & legs all tell me so, but I’m going to try my best to ward it off…

Its awfully funny being here alone. One always has to be here because of the phone. I shall go home after lunch, its just my luck. Will write tomorrow …