17th November 1918

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17th November 1918: Adela is still in bed at the Grove, suffering with flu, but is in good spirits. Daisy, Nannie and Alfred are taking excellent care of her. Alfred has been out on the town all night – going from one dance to another. Adela wishes Edgar could have been with him, to join in all the fun.


3 Belsize Grove

Sunday, 17th November 1918

… After I’d written last night I got two letters sent over from you! I was pleased; the thought of waiting until Monday was terrible.

Alfred didn’t come back last night. He turned up about 10 this morning. He had a lovely time, just going from one dance to another. Don’t you wish you’d been there?

You wouldn’t laugh if you were sent into a Portuguese office, and you can’t understand what they say. It’s very funny afterwards, but I wish they wouldn’t send me. And the Italians are awfully funny.

I found my way all right. I’ve got a season via Leicester Sq. I’m sure that is the best way. I won’t go back until Friday at the earliest. It’s bad luck getting laid up the first week isn’t it? I wonder if I shall be able to get up tomorrow. I do hate being in bed, don’t you?

Daisy has been with me nearly all the morning. She went to church at 10. Its bitterly cold, I think I’m in the warmest place really. I’ve been reading such a funny book Alfred lent me. I haven’t laughed so much over a book for a long time. It’s one of O. Henry’s, Sixes and Sevens. It’s priceless, about 12 short stories. There’s one about a charwoman, you must read when you come home if you haven’t already.

Nannie is going to post this so must finish. Will write tomorrow