18th November 1918

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18th November 1918: A very weak Adela has been allowed downstairs. Some sad news for Adela and a mysterious visitor at the Grove.

3 Belsize Grove, NW3
Monday 18th November 1918

… I just came downstairs & can hardly stand up my legs are so weak.

I had an awful shock this morning. A girl friend of mine (a great friend of Woos, they were girls together) her little boy of 10 was run over and killed the other day. She’s simply out of her mind. Woo is with her. Isn’t it terrible? It quite upset me. She simply worshipped the boy.

It’s still very cold here. Hope I shall get a letter from you today. Everybody is out. Oh! Who do you think came yesterday? Miss Morelle!!! I was dying to get up but she came up & saw me … she wasn’t at all the sort of girl I expected to see. She’s short, very untidy & quite plain. Her age I couldn’t say at all. Full of character & taking her all together I didn’t think she was half bad. I’d like to see her again. Not at all French looking & terrible clothes, but she rather interested me. Perhaps it was because I’d heard such a lot about her.

Dolly & Arthur are coming tonight for two nights. I haven’t had a line from [brother] Hubert since he left, I think he might write don’t you, especially as he’s so “anxious” about me !!! I’ve been asleep all the afternoon, I was frightfully tired, I don’t now why. I think I’m dizzy really. Goodbye darling for the present …