20th November 1918

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20th November 1918: General opinion last night at the Grove was that Adela was not quite well enough to return to her digs in the fog – despite having moved all her belongings back to Howitt Road! Adela is determined she will go today. Daisy’s health is now giving cause for concern. Adela plans to go over to Downside Crescent later to help Maggie and Joe with the moth eradication programme. Sister Winifrede has still not sent Adela’s clothes from home – so Adela is embarking on knitting herself a jumper.

3 Belsize Grove
Wednesday, 20th November, 1918.

… You see I didn’t go last night after all. Nannie wouldn’t let me go because of the fog. She was very funny, & I’d taken all of my things over. I hadn’t even a comb. I really am going today.

I’m sending you the photos. Daisy hates them, except the side face one, but I leave it to you to chose. Mark the back or say the number. I’m going over to Maggie’s with cleaner this afternoon to help. Daisy is in bed still. I’m writing this by her. I’ve still got a cold & don’t feel frightfully fit, but shall be all right when I get out. I hate being shut up.

Dolly & Arthur had a great binge last night. The Moors were there in great form I believe. I haven’t heard once from Winifrede since I’ve been laid up, or had my clothes yet. They are a weird set of people aren’t they?

I’m going to knit a jumper. At least I’m going to start. If it will ever get finished is another thing. I’m going to do it in grey and blue. I feel very guilty being ill here. The Mater being so worried about Maggie etc & Daisy being in bed now. I’ll write to you fully tonight. This is just to send the photos…