23rd November 1918

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23rd November 1918: There seems to be quite a party gathered for dinner at the Grove tonight. Tomorrow will be Joe & Maggie’s 9th wedding anniversary. Poor Alfred has had some bad news and Daisy is still in bed. [When Adela lived in Devon she was on various committees, and organised regular dances, concerts, etc for the armed forces stationed in the area.]

58 Howitt Road
Saturday 23rd   November 1918

… I got a letter from you tonight addressed to No.3 . I went round for dinner. Joe & Maggie were there & the Col. and Alfred. A great friend of Alfred’s has just died of the flu. This flu does put the wind up one doesn’t it? Daisy is still in bed.

Mrs Byatt’s son is here. He’s in the M.L.’s & was at Torquay & knows all those Naval men I know & was there when you were there, & came to the dances. He knows Baker etc. You remember, don’t you. As soon as I told him I got up those dances he knew who I was. Funny isn’t it.

I had lunch with Col. & Mrs Rhind today & went to ‘a Box of Tricks’ with them. [Rotten?] show – I’m glad we didn’t go.

Don’t put 38 on your letters its 58. I nearly didn’t get one. I’m writing this in bed & its 12 o’clock. I’m not a bit tired; I can’t sleep since I’ve had flu …

Maggie looks very well & Joe is awfully bucked with life. It’s their wedding day tomorrow. I was here last time I remember & I think you were too…