29th November 1918

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29th November 1918: Adela has had an amazing day – when everything seems right with the world – despite the November weather. Her mood seems to rub off on everyone she meets. Alfred is coming to the Grove for the weekend and ETA has written a long letter to Joe. And most importantly – her clothes have finally been sent up from Devon.

58 Howitt Road,
Belsize Park, NW
Friday night, 29th November 1918

… I’ve had a lovely day today. First I went into No.3 at 8.30 then to the office. I’ve had a fit of laughing on today, and everything seemed to make me laugh. Coles, the man who is in Shudd’s place came in & caught it & Coonie. Then we went out and had a cup of coffee. I came back and did a bit more work then at 12.30 we went to lunch at the Eleysee (I don’t know how you spell it) with Bruce. That finished me. I haven’t laughed so much since that day with you & Hubert, do you remember? We didn’t get back till 3 o’clock & Coonie sneaked off to the pay office & Coles nabbed me, but when he saw me he started to laugh again. I think its catching because later on a very old messenger brought me some papers & just stood by & laughed too,

However I stayed till 6 then came home. I had dinner (boiled cod!!) & we laughed after till we wept. Madame Oram[?] the Pater’s friend! just looks at me & starts. I didn’t know I was as funny looking as all that. I showed them the photos and they say I only ought to have the side faced one. I had a topping letter from you tonight dear. I look forward so much to them when I come home at night. It would be an awful blow if I didn’t get one. I to, darling, live for the day when I shall see you again. Won’t it be lovely to think you never will have to go back any more?

Oh! I got paid today!!! New money too!! Loud cheers! I’m going out with Pussy Rhind tomorrow to a Matinee “The Law Divine”.

I feel so well that I’m simply bubbling if you know what I mean. Oh! But it’s so dark getting up in the mornings & so cold, but the office is great fun. We make a terrible noise of course; probably be asked to leave if we don’t calm down a bit. If you could only see our lunch. Pork pies, eggs, potted meats, cheese, coffee, Bovril. It is funny Edgar.

I haven’t seen the babys since last Sunday. Alfred is coming tomorrow. I’m quite looking forward to seeing him again. Joe had a long letter from the Pater.

At last I got my things sent to me. So I shall be really clean tomorrow…