1st December 1918

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1st December 1918: [Edgar’s 30th birthday] Adela has had a long day out with friends, and has a fainting spell. Fortunately she was visiting Daisy in the Mater’s bedroom at the time and Nannie came to the rescue. She recovers enough to play cards with the jolly crowd assembled at the Grove that evening – including Maggie, Joe, Alfred and the ‘mystery’ Charlie.

58 Howitt Road
Sunday Night
1st December 1918

… I’ve been out all day. We saw the whole show perfectly & then I went back and had tea with Mrs R. [Rhind] & then came home about 6.30. I behaved very badly by going into the Mater’s room where D. was in bed & fainting in Nannie’s arms. I soon got over it and had some brandy thrown in!!!! It’s been pouring all day & very nippy so that accounts for it.

Alfred is home for a week. Joe & Maggie & Charlie whatever his name is, and all of us played cards. It was awfully funny. I do wish you’d been there. I wonder what sort of a birthday you spent? I’ve been thinking about you all day.

Excuse a rather short dull letter dear, I’m very tired tonight, so will say goodnight …