2nd December 1918

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2nd December 1918: Adela’s recent letters to Edgar have not arrived – she hates to think of him not getting any post, because she has written regularly – every night in fact. It’s apparent Adela is still a little frail after her recent bout of flu, and poor Daisy is still in bed. Work is very trying – sums are not Adela’s strong point, but at least her grumpy boss is leaving in the New Year.

Commission Internationale De Ravitaillment
India House,
Kingsway WC2

Monday morning, 2nd December 1918

I’ve just had a letter from you, and you say you haven’t heard for 3 days. I can’t understand it, dear, as I always write every night in bed & post it the next morning on my way here & nearly always write you a line during the day from here. So you’ll get a big bunch together. I hate to think of you not having letters & being dull, especially when I write so regularly.

Old Shudd is back today   & is in a very bad mood. I’d like to go and [swat?] him. He asked me for something this morning and it was under his nose. Coonie is coming to stay with me next Monday for a bit. I’m not sure if I’m going to like it or not. I’ll tell you later. I do hope you have some letters of mine by now darling. I’ll write again tonight …

Monday night

… I was glad to get your letter tonight, and to hear you had had mine. I know what it’s like being without letters. Daisy rang me up tonight. She is still in bed, just the same, poor girl. I feel so sorry. I wasn’t going over tonight, but they all seemed so dull so I ran over & Alfred brought me home.

I can’t explain today in the office. I’ve had a terrible time. Old Shudd came back this morning like a bear with a sore head – and grunted at me & gave me some awful sums to work out, you know the kind taking 2 ½% & 5 ½ & 7 ½ etc . You can imagine what the answer was [?] Somebody is losing money for certain!!! Well! Then Coonie & I went out to lunch & after went into the old Temple church, lovely old place. That finished me. I went into a sort of trance & the organ started (the finest in London). I didn’t come round till 2.30 & Coonie was by the door. We rushed back. I’ll leave the rest to you – what old Shudd said. I wish you’d heard him. Then I gave him a wrong number & the SARCASM!! But he’s going in the New Year…

I got your letter in the middle of grub tonight & Mrs Buchanan was sitting opposite me, and asked me what I was laughing at!!! She’s awfully nice & so is her husband & the kid is lovely. Your camera is coming dear.

It’s pouring with rain as usual. Coonie is coming to stay with me next Monday for a bit. It ought to be rather fun if she doesn’t get on my nerves. She does sometimes. Someone asked he if we were sisters. How are we alike, I don’t think!?

She’s a jolly good sort. I haven’t given up hope of you not being home for xmas So don’t worry. Don’t forget to ask if [?] for leave! Shall I write & ask? Hubert’s address is H.Q. 5th Bde – Tanks, BEF , France….