8th December 1918

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8th December 1918: It would seem Adela’s sense of humour has been misunderstood by a distracted Edgar – and she proposes to make unique reparations! A family gathering at the Grove, and Daisy has rallied enough to consider leaving her bed tomorrow. The brothers will see what they can do to hasten Edgar’s return to England. London is full of American sailors determined to make the most of life while they can!

58 Howitt Road,
Belsize Park
Sunday night, 8th December 1918

With reference to your remarks re Belgians. I am hurt and surprised at the attitude you are taking up. Pause for breath !! Also about the tube… Tomorrow I’m going right through the Belgian Commission kissing all the officers to make up for the miseries being suffered by their people. So you see I am trying to help. Perhaps you think I shall be adding to them!!! Did the steak and onions upset you just before writing that night as the Mater got a letter by the same post, half a page. You’d forgotten the rest…

We had a great day today at No3. All the babys were there. It was simply top hole. You would have loved it. Alfred was in great form & Marie was lovely. Daisy is going to get up tomorrow. I sat with her this afternoon for a long time & Father Apap!! came this evening & asked after you… I’m going to have lunch with Mabel Mortimer on Tuesday. She came in this morning.

Darling old Edgar, I do miss you so. Alfred is going to make Joe send those papers in about you. He promised me today.

There are thousands of American sailors about always blind drunk, terrible people…