9th December 1918

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9th December 1918: Adela’s work friend, Coonie, is stopping over at Howitt Road and the girls have been dressmaking together – unsuccessfully. Adela finds it quite a challenge sharing with Coonie, as she will flap the bedclothes!! No news yet of whether they will be made redundant in the near future – a depressing thought in the run up to Christmas.

[58 Howitt Road] Monday night, 9th December 1918

I am so sorry you are not getting my letters. I hate to think of you all [dumpy?] I know the post is rotten just now, your letters are not half so regular as they used to be.

Coonie and I have been cutting out garments on the floor tonight. At least I have & am very much afraid I’ve spoilt them. Coonie is wondering how hers are going to turn out.

We haven’t got the push yet. We went to the War Office tonight with some papers.

Coonie is awful to sleep with. She makes such a draught with the clothes!!! So we’ve put a bolster down the middle.

Judy Pile saw Winifrede in the train at Torquay & knew she was my sister by the great likeness! Funny isn’t it?

Cheer up darling old thing …