15th December 1918

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15th December 1918: The postal service has improved and Adela now has two letters from Edgar, plus his Christmas present has arrived in France safely. Adela is finding it hard to chose presents for other people, as they give her such nice things. Panic over about work – Adela still has a job at India House in the New Year. She cables her father in Brunei for Christmas – at an eye-watering cost for the time. Maggie’s brother Frank Samut visits the Grove – he was wounded in Italy earlier in the year, and is now back with his regiment in the UK.

58 Howitt Road
Sunday night, 15th December 1918

… I got two lovely long letters from you yesterday and I felt so happy. I’m so glad you like the case. I’m glad also you liked the crest. That’s one of the first things I’m going to have altered when you come home, on your ring !!!

I went to Pussy’s [wife of Lt Col Rhind] to lunch today then to see some friends of theirs & Hubert’s & met some topping people there. Pussy gave me a pair of earrings for Xmas, awfully sweet ones. I can’t think what to have from you darling. I do wish you could choose something as you say. I want something I can keep. It’s an awful business buying presents for people isn’t it? Some of the photos came yesterday and the others are coming later. So you’ll get the other later on.

I think I’m being kept on at India House. Loud cheers!!! You tell me not to worry about you at Xmas. Darling how can I keep it when you are not with us all.

I cabled to Father yesterday & had to pay 3/10 a word. It cost me nearly £2 but its worth it don’t you think? Maggie’s brother Frank [Samut] was here today … Goodnight darling …