10th December 1915

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10th December 1915 A boxing tournament at Allouagne interferes with Arthur’s letter writing schedule; afterwards his war horse, Ben, is keen to make it back home to his shed; a test firing of the new Lewis gun – which is … Continued

9th December 1915

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9th December 1915 Dollie is currently staying with Elsie Davidson in Eastbourne; a busy time for Arthur, his mapping skills are constantly in use; Rosa [Pulman] has furnished Arthur with a good supply of much-needed writing paper; a discussion on … Continued

7th December 1915

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7th December 1915 Dollie’s letters are late and Arthur is missing them; practising bomb-throwing in the rain – with stones and earth; a football match for the men in the rain at Lozinghem with a very unlucky win for the … Continued

6th December 1915

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6th December 1915 Mass and Confession the previous day and full time preparations for the building of the new outpost; a wet day in the field, riding through mud; Arthur bemoans the lack of crumpets at tea; the CO lends … Continued

4th December 1915

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4th December 1915 Wet and windy weather limits Company activity; Arthur is asked by the CO to draws plans for the new outpost, to be located south of their current location; football for the men and training for the junior … Continued

3rd December 1915

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3rd December 1915 A detailed account of the recent twelve and a half mile route march undertaken by the entire Division; the bedding was late arriving and fresh orders weren’t forthcoming until 3.30am the next morning; however the Divisional Commander … Continued

1st December 1915

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1st December 1915 Arthur’s busy schedule means he has been unable to write to Dollie; a trip into Lillers to stock up on stationary and winter clothing; watching the Guard there brings back happy memories of Malta; a welcome chance … Continued

30th November 1915

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30th November 1915 A short note today; a change in the weather means all parades have been cancelled – and the Divisional route march postponed until tomorrow. Arthur to Dollie Billets, Tues. 8.25am Thanks awfully, dear, for your letter – … Continued

28th November 1915

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28th November 1915 Arthur makes the effort to get up early for Mass but finds no one at the church; later he attends a requiem for a 13 year old girl; Arthur is now attached to the 47th Division; an inspection by … Continued

27th November 1915

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27th November 1915 Arthur is finally settled in new billets at Burbure after a slow and freezing evening journey from Boulogne to Lillers, changing trains at Berguette in the middle of the night. The returning officers found welcome shelter in offices, … Continued

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