10th November 1918

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10th November 1918: A Sunday off work for Adela. She goes with the Agius family to Mass at the Spanish Church. Everyone is so kind to her, including the Mater and Joe – who does the gallant thing and escorts … Continued

9th November 1918

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9th November 1918: Adela is now settled into her new job at India House and discovering the limitations of her French. She is finding it all a challenge, especially the silence, but her sense of humour wins through. Today she … Continued

8th November 1918

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8th November 1918: Adela is now back at work at India House. To her horror she discovers her work is mainly in French. Adela misses Edgar terribly and debates how to fill her hours with work until he comes home … Continued

7th November 1918

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A less than satisfactory visit with the Mater to the photographers; Adela is still sending Edgar his missing kit and Nannie wants to know if he needs any more underwear. Daisy and Joe are excellent companions for Adela – helping … Continued

Countdown to Armistice – 7

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7th November 1918 The 2nd Wiltshires move back to reserve/support and then to billets so for Arthur Samut the war is effectively over. Charles Muscat in the 7th South Staffs remains in the front line. Edgar Agius is back from … Continued

Countdown to Armistice – 6

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6th November 1918 The advance on Mons continues. The front line now straddles the France-Belgium border, which in this area follows the course of the (not very wide) Grand-Honelle river. This phase is known as the Passage of the Grand-Honelle. … Continued

5th November 1918

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Letters from Adela to Edgar – 1 November 1918 Edgar met Adela when he and Dickie were stationed in Torquay, with the 3rd London Regiment, Nov 1916-Mar 1917.  After that she was a frequent visitor to the family home in … Continued

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